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About Us

Beginning farming in Central Queensland in the early 70s

the Manley family have made a name for high quality farming practices and resulting produce.
Manley Farming hold current farming operations throughout the Central Highlands region, all contributing to the produce at Belyando Produce.  

Belyando Produce is a company that is proudly family owned and operated, as well as an independent rural retailer and supplier. 

Located at Clermont, Belyando Produce provides the Central Highlands, Belyando, Western QLD and Banana regions with specialist services such as

  • individually formulated cattle and equine feeds & supplements by a qualified large animal nutritionist

  • bulk hay, grain and molasses deliveries to farm

  • water repair, pumping, irrigation and spraying supplies  

  • ease of access to popular and trusted feed brands for horses, dogs, chickens and other domestic animals

  • a fleet of meticulously cared for trucks, tankers & road trains to transport goods and equipment from anywhere in QLD and beyond. See Isaac Potable Water and Transport  for more details on your freight and water requirements 

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