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Belyando Produce feeds are formulated using peer-reviewed science & qualified knowledge
Buy with confidence, knowing all of our rations are formulated by in-house qualified nutritionist.
As our store manager, Daniel oversees all important aspects of feed manufacturing, from the 'go to the whoa'.     
Daniel Allen BASc

First forging his career after finishing his Bachelor of Applied Science (Agriculture) as a Nutritionist within the Dairy Industry throughout Victoria over 20 years ago, Daniel has worked across all facets of cattle and large animal health & management, from research farms to managing and leading nutritional teams for one of the largest grain suppliers & feed manufacturers in the state, Daniel Allen brings a wealth of knowledge and a swag of experience to his clients here at Belyando Produce.  He & his family have settled happily within Clermont and are very involved within our close rural community.

Professional Consults

Daniel offers nutritional consults on-farm as well as here at Belyando Produce.
You can expect no stone left unturned and no question unanswered during your professional nutritional consult; whether formulating across your entire property & all herds, or specifically for one group & one paddock, Daniel takes great pride and passion in unlocking the best nutrition and increases to your profit and production possible. 

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